The mission of Standing in My Shoes ImageFounded by motivational speaker and personal growth and development trainer, Kimberly Morgan. Standing in My Shoes has been formed to empower, enlighten, encourage and in some cases rebuild women who are reordering their steps by letting go of the past and taking control of their future.

Based in Michigan, we host professional, inspiring, informative, and targeted educational workshops and fundraisers, by providing on-line and in-person resources.

In addition, Standing in My Shoes honors exemplary women mentors, leaders, businesses, and community initiatives that promote women’s leadership and development with its annual Healing Soles Award presented during the National Professional Network Conference.

Working with businesses and women professionals we work together to build inclusive environments and expand opportunities for women at work.

We also act as a center for the collection of women’s shoes, all of which have been donated by women and women business leaders. And, which are distributed at no charge to women entering or re-entering the professional workplace, getting married, graduating college, leaving an abusive relationship, overcoming drugs/alcohol, professionals struggling with addiction, depression, emotional and spiritual burnout, or integrity issues that encourage low self-esteem. We inspire personal growth and development and enhanced awareness which ultimately contributes to healthy self-esteem.