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Soles to Souls Program

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Our program consists of a variety of workshops, seminars and one breakout sessions that we call Solely Between Us!

On occasion, we welcome guest speakers who come in and share their personal stories of trials and triumphs. Most of our donated shoes come with an attached note generated by the donor that tells the story of the journey in those shoes. For example “These are the shoes that I wore when I received my undergraduate degree at age 40.” Or, “These are the shoes that I wore out of that abusive relationship.” “After years of trying to conceive these are the shoes that I was wearing when I found out that I was finally pregnant.” “I wore these shoes on my wedding day!”

“These are the shoes that I was wearing my last day of chemo treatment and now my cancer is in remission!” “The pair I wore to the job interview. I got the job!” Many of our donated shoes will serve as the symbolism of hope, strength, unification, and love, for the women wearing or standing in those shoes. A woman may wear a size 7, yet she may find her inspiration and strength in the shoes of a woman who wears a size 10. In this case, she will use the shoes to stand in to make herself feel better until she is able to stand on her own.