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Know Your Worth

Look at yourself, how beautiful you are.  Understand the power of your attitude toward yourself.  Healthy self-love is about being your best friend.  Self-love is not about telling others how great you are all day (that’s a definite sign of intense insecurity).  Self-love is about treating yourself with the same care, tolerance, generosity and compassion as you would a special friend. Avoid fantasizing about other ideas of who they think you are or should be.  Only you can give yourself the esteem boost you need to develop, change and overcome obstacles.  

Trust your own feelings.  Self-worth requires you to learn to listen to and rely upon how you feel.  I learned to say “No, I don’t want to do that.”  Instead of saying “I can’t, or I would if I could.”  When you say yes, when you really mean no, how does it feel?  Pretty uncomfortable, right?  So, now, you’re miserable and unhappy while someone else is comfortable and happy at your expense.  When you allow others to make decisions for you by saying yes when you really mean no, your self worth plummets.  Take control by owning your life.  

Tell yourself that you matter.  Take time to affirm you.  The next time you look in the mirror, look from a different perspective.  Look back into the eyes of the person you see.  Tell her that she’s beautiful.  Tell her that although she’s not perfect; she is good enough.  Tell her about her weaknesses, now forget them, yes all of them.  Tell her that you forgive her.  Tell her that you love her, honor and respect her.  Tell her that she’s beautiful and mean it!  

Emerge by putting a value on your time.  Evaluate the time that you give away to others and time spent in your own life.  Compete only with yourself, not with others.  Know that at the end of the day, you matter more than anything.  

Live in the present.  Learn the lessons from the past and Live On…  Change takes a lot of courage, yet it is 100% possible.