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Creating Lasting Friendships

Be there for another woman.  Support her when no one else will.  Support her need to cry; just be there.  Support her need to take on the world; just be there.  When she wants to be president, support her with ideas, with encouragement, with money.  Support her during labor, support her during final exams, support her in court or in jail or when she applies for assistance.  When she says she wants to become a doctor, support her.  When she says she wants to end her marriage or start a new one, support her.  Just be there beside her.  Ask “How can I support you?”  Then listen carefully to the answer.  Support her by making dinner now and then, by faxing her resume, by postponing a date just to give your support.  When your sister shares her heart with you, be who she thought you were – a safe and comforting place.  Learn to receive that when a woman goes into a secret place to confess her sins to you, cherish and honor her heart with the fact that she thought enough of you to share her heart to begin with.  Woman to Woman, we all need each other!