Everyday celebrate the little things in life.  

It could be something as simple as making a call to a friend you have not communicated with in years.  Celebrate a day that you actually had that salad and went to gym!  Be happy about finally scheduling that mammogram that you’ve been putting off.  Did you have a good cry over something that had been troubling you – Celebrate.  You gave someone a hug that really needed it.  Celebrate those moments when your children give you hugs and say thank you.  Celebrate those moments when you are cuddled up with your family in bed watching TV.  Celebrate finishing a project that you have been putting off.  Celebrate creating a new recipe you tried and it was absolutely delicious!  Celebrate purchasing your first home or car all by yourself!  Celebrate that new hairdo!  That outfit you have been looking at finally went on sale and it looks awesome on you – celebrate!  No matter what happens in our lives, there is always something to CELEBRATE!