Everyday celebrate the little things in life.   It could be something as simple as making a call to a friend you have not communicated with in years.  Celebrate a day that you actually had that salad and went to gym!  Be happy about finally scheduling that mammogram that you’ve been putting off.  Did you have a good cry over something that had been troubling you – Celebrate.  You gave someone a hug that really needed it.  Celebrate those moments when your children give you hugs and say thank you.  Celebrate those moments when you are cuddled up with your…

Keep It Chanel

"Keep it Chanel" is usually my advice to my daughter on representing herself and her family in public. Being a lady is a choice that's within your control. Keep it Classy Ladies.

My Sisters Keeper

The recent suicidal death of fashion designer L'Wren Scott is a reminder of how important it is for an organization like Standing In My Shoes, Inc. Our mission is to provide a safe outlet to all women including those women who are suffering from professional or spiritual burnout and "feel that they lack the support of their family and their community of peers". "We wish to be our Sister's Keeper and Constant Hand In Helping Her To Renew Her Strength, Faith, Self Esteem and Ultimately Her Self Worth. Should you find yourself suffering from depression, loneliness, lowliness, despair, etc... You are not…

Creating Lasting Friendships

Be there for another woman.  Support her when no one else will.  Support her need to cry; just be there.  Support her need to take on the world; just be there.  When she wants to be president, support her with ideas, with encouragement, with money.  Support her during labor, support her during final exams, support her in court or in jail or when she applies for assistance.  When she says she wants to become a doctor, support her.  When she says she wants to end her marriage or start a new one, support her.  Just be there beside her.  Ask…

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