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Kimberly Morgan

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Founder of Standing In My Shoes, Inc.

Kimberly is a talented trainer, motivational speaker, writer and business woman.  She has traveled throughout North America, Europe, Asia including the United Arab Emirates and Israel, North and South Africa, and many of the Caribbean Islands.

Kimberly incorporates her travel experiences and conversations with women leaders when speaking to groups worldwide.  Her motto is “Me Too” = Connecting Women. Through experience, she knows that most women can identify with each other on some level regardless of race, language barrier, religion, nationality, social or economic status.  “It comes down to taking responsibility of your life, developing your personal growth, reinventing and change.  It takes courage, but it’s 100% attainable.”

Kimberly enjoys reading self improvement books and magazines, attending life skills events and classes, skiing, cooking, yoga, working out, music and spending time with her family and friends. She is a wife, and the mother of two.